Enrich, Enhance and Extend

At ֱ we are proud to welcome students of all abilities to our school. Each girl is unique and has many different talents and abilities. Enrichment, enhancement and acceleration programs provide differentiated options, strategies and resources for students to be extended or supported across a range of curriculum areas.

A wide range of individual pathways are available including VCE, VCE VM, VCP and VET programs, which cater for the academic as well as the more hands on courses.

Teachers work closely with students to determine if they may require extra support with their learning. Personal learning plans identify the areas where special needs students may be provided with extra assistance to gain a full understanding of a subject or topic.

ֱ recognises the importance of extending gifted and talented students to maximise their learning outcomes. Classroom teachers aim to provide a differentiated curriculum for students, often extending, accelerating and enriching the quality of the learning experience for highly able individuals in their classes.

We also offer a range of extracurricular activities in which gifted and talented students from Year 7 through to Year 12 are invited to participate. These activities extend students’ critical, creative and analytical thinking across a range of curriculum areas, and offer opportunities to further develop their skills in higher-order thinking and problem solving.