Clubs. Finding Your People

ֱ’s extensive co-curricular program provides students with enriching learning experiences beyond the classroom and the opportunity to develop skills, contribute to the community, interact with like-minded peers and discover new talents.
Each lunchtime, before and after school, the ֱ campus is a hive of activity as students engage in their co-curricular pursuits. From robotics to writing, drama and coding, there is a club to suit every interest. Avila also encourages student voice, so if there’s a co-curricular activity that you’d like to develop with others then we’re always happy to encourage your passions. Simply speak to Avila’s student leadership team.


Learning Beyond The Classroom

Junior Drama Club

Junior Drama Club is open to all Year 7 and 8 students and designed for Avila students who simply can’t get enough drama in their lives! It is full of fun group activities, drama games and even more drama games! Fun, imaginative and entertaining, members have the opportunity to express themselves and also meet and interact with other students.

The Arts Club

Run at lunchtime by the Art Captains, this lunchtime activity group provides an opportunity for students to embrace their creativity across a variety of mediums, whether it is a club project or themed activity.

Craft Corner

Each week a group of students get together to knit, sew, stitch, design and create handmade objects. Many of the poppies created for ֱ’s Remembrance Day Poppy Project were sewn in Craft Corner.

Crochet Club

Another chance to get crafty and meet other students, the Crochet Club offers the opportunity to learn new skills and create colourful patterns and projects.

Book Club

The ֱ Book Club members share their reviews and recommendations while discussing different books and stories. The Book Club also has guest speakers, plans events like the excursion to The Melbourne Writers’ Festival and gets involved in competitions and other activities that promote the library.

Quill & Ink Writers Guild

Designed to provide Avila’s budding writers with a platform to workshop and publish their creative work, the Quill & Ink Writers Collective provides inspiration, guidance and feedback. Students also have the chance to participate in the Book in a Day competition, edit the Avila yearbook and see their words in print.

Young Vinnies

Young Vinnies offers a forum for students who want to put their faith in action and make a meaningful contribution to the local community. Students undertake a range of projects throughout the year including the Winter Appeal and Sleep Out at School for the Homeless whilst also participating in volunteering activities and building awareness of how to assist local communities.

Reconciliation Group

Founded over twenty years ago, the Avila Reconciliation Group is still going strong. The Rec Group, as it is commonly known, brings to light the issues facing our Indigenous communities and is committed to building awareness within our community. It’s aim is to educate and advocate for our indigenous communities. Throughout the year the group organises school events for awareness days such as Proud Race and Close the Gap Day.

Public Speaking & Debating

ֱ has a long and proud tradition of debating and public speaking with students working as a team and developing their ability to communicate articulately and with confidence. Students have the opportunity to compete in a range of competitions including the Debaters Association of Victoria, Lions Youth of the Year, Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition and the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition.

Stage Crew

ֱ’s Stage Crew play an integral and important role behind the scenes of our school’s major events and performances. From operating light, sound and special effects from the control box to moving sets on stage, these students work backstage to keep everything running smoothly and safely, learning technical skills along the way.

CGSAV Sports and Junior Dragons Sport Club

Avila fields teams in over 15 different sports in the Catholic Girls Sports Association of Victoria competition and each week, Sport Captains run the Junior Dragons Lunchtime Sport Club.

Robotics Club

Students have the opportunity to learn how to program robots, problem solve, develop their logical thinking processes and explore different programming languages.

Tech Crew

This specialist crew manage the technical requirements of live performances including lighting, sound and special effects from the bio-box.

Orchestra and Music Ensembles

Avila musicians have a plethora of ensembles to join within the Music school - from the orchestra to the string ensemble and chamber choir.