VCE Vocational Major Work Related Skills (WRS) examines a range of skills, knowledge and capabilities relevant to achieving individual career and educational goals. Students will develop a broad understanding of workplace environments and the future of work and education, in order to engage in theoretical and practical planning and decision-making for a successful transition to their desired pathway.

The study considers four key areas: the future of work; workplace skills and capabilities; industrial relations and the workplace environment and practice; and the development of a personal portfolio.

Students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained from this study in the classroom environment and through Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) or Work Experience (WE).

Work Related Skills
Unit 1


Careers and Learning for the Future


This unit recognises the importance of sourcing reliable information relating to future education and employment prospects to engage in effective pathway planning and decision-making.

  • Students will investigate information relating to future employment, including entry-level pathways, emerging industries, and growth industries and trends, and evaluate the impact of pursuing employment in different industries.
  • Students will reflect on this research in the context of their individual skills, capabilities and education and/or employment goals. They will develop and apply strategies to communicate their findings

Work Related Skills
Unit 2


Workplace Skills and Capabilities


As the nature of work changes over time, so do the skills and capabilities needed for success.

Fundamental to achieving personal goals relating to future education and employment is the ability to recognise and develop individual skills and capabilities that are valued in a chosen pathway.

  • In this unit, students will consider the distinction between essential employability skills, specialist and technical work skills and personal capabilities, and understand the importance of training and development to support the attainment and transferability of skills.
  • Students will collect evidence and artefacts relating to their personal skills and capabilities and promote them through resumes, cover letters and interview preparation.