Together, across all year levels

The House system at ֱ comprises four Houses including Chisholm (green), Flynn (gold), MacKillop (red) and Nagle (blue). Each House is named after inspirational women, important in the history of the Church and education.
Students are assigned to a House and if they have older sisters at the School they join the same House. Students will be assigned to the same House as their Mother if she also attended the College.

The House system has many benefits including:
– Fostering a competitive spirit amongst the students
– Encourages students to support and help each other
– Develops a strong sense of belonging
– Enables cross age relationships to form
– Provides leadership opportunities.

The House Cup includes a variety of competitions throughout the year including the House Swimming and
Athletics Carnivals.


Caroline Chisholm

Courageous and community-minded, Caroline Chisholm was a keen philanthropist and humanitarian. She supported new settlers, particularly women and families, and helped them find homes and jobs.

St Mary MacKillop

St Mary MacKillop was an educator and social reformer and is recognised as Australia’s first saint. Through lifelong adversity she remained determined; establishing schools, institutions and education for the poor.


Nano Nagle

Founder of the Presentation Sisters, Venerable Nano Nagle was fondly known as the Lady of the Lantern. In defiance of the repressive Penal Laws, she set up schools and supported needy families and the community.


Julia Flynn

A proud teacher, Julia Flynn sought to help young women gain an education and their own voice. Conscientious and formidable, she was committed to improving educational standards and options for women.